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Tech Tips: Intro to HCC Computing

Keyboard image courtesy of J_D_L at FlickrCCNeed to know how to log in to the campus network or configure your wireless for campus network access? Having trouble navigating Haywired or Moodle? Find answers to those questions and more by using the Student Technology Support Help Desk quick reference  or visiting the desk during operating hours.

The Student Technology Support Help Desk is located inside of the A.L. Freedlander LRC and provides assistance to students and faculty with computer and technology questions.

Services include:

  • Accessing Moodle, Haywired, or the campus network
  • Accessing the campus wireless network
  • Wireless network troubleshooting
  • Assistance with campus software, including Office 2010
  • Virus & computer maintenance consultation

Visit the Tech Desk web page for current hours of operation, contact & appointment information, and Tech Desk policies.

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Tech Tips: A few words about email

Would you hire this individual? (Click image for a full-screen view of what potential employers see when they hover the cursor over your email ID)

In the job market first impressions matter and often your initial contact with a potential employer will be via your resume or email address. Personal accounts like “coldbuds247@email” or “survivorfan23@email” may show your interests or sense of humor but they do not project the professional image that employers are looking for. A hiring manager reviewing a stack of 100 resumes is going to do whatever he/she can to narrow the list of potential candidates and an unprofessional email address, along with spelling/grammatical mistakes and bizarre fonts, will quickly land your application in the “no” pile.

A few tips for creating your professional email address:

-Use a combination of your name and a number (johnrdoe25.) It’s the easiest to create and also the easiest for employers to remember.

-Many resources recommend including your profession (or desired profession) in your email address to help employers associate your name with a particular position. Use your best judgment when considering this option as “” may be an asset for one position but declaring a specific title may reduce your employment options.

-Avoid using any email address from a current place of employment. Unless, of course, you want everyone involved to know that you are looking for a new job and probably doing so on company time.

-Use your school email address with caution. It can be a good way to show you take your education seriously but life happens-you graduate, transfer, or take time off-and you need an email account that won’t expire. Many businesses keep your resume on file for at least 6 months and may wish to contact you during that period regarding a new posting. This is also true for email addresses from cell phone companies, internet providers, or other services where you may switch companies or cancel accounts.

-One exception to the above: Some institutions offer permanent or extended email accounts for graduates. If your alma mater  is a recognized leader in your field of study, or the hiring manager is a graduate of your college, it may be advantageous to use your .edu account.

-Do not use your professional account for anything other than potential employment. This will help keep your inbox safe and clutter-free.

-If necessary, forward the mail to a account you view regularly.