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Weekend Reading: The Sixes (Kate White)

3 sentences or less about fascinating books that beg to be read in less than 3 days.*

The Sixes by Kate White coverPhoebe Hall, an author wrongly accused of plagiarism, takes a friend up on an offer to teach at a small private college in Pennsylvania. When students begin disappearing Phoebe is thrust into a world of deadly threats and secret societies, leaving her to wonder if she will be the next victim. Put this fast-paced psychological thriller on your “Must Read” list today!

Read the Publisher’s Weekly review of The Sixes.

*Individual reading times may vary due to factors such as fatigue, the presence of children, or beautiful WNC weather. The LRC is not responsible for books not finished within the advertised 3 days. We do, however,  guarantee that our library staff finds each featured title compelling enough that it may cause readers to lose sleep or skip favorite TV shows in order to find out what happens next.