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Tech Tips: A few words about email

Would you hire this individual? (Click image for a full-screen view of what potential employers see when they hover the cursor over your email ID)

In the job market first impressions matter and often your initial contact with a potential employer will be via your resume or email address. Personal accounts like “coldbuds247@email” or “survivorfan23@email” may show your interests or sense of humor but they do not project the professional image that employers are looking for. A hiring manager reviewing a stack of 100 resumes is going to do whatever he/she can to narrow the list of potential candidates and an unprofessional email address, along with spelling/grammatical mistakes and bizarre fonts, will quickly land your application in the “no” pile.

A few tips for creating your professional email address:

-Use a combination of your name and a number (johnrdoe25.) It’s the easiest to create and also the easiest for employers to remember.

-Many resources recommend including your profession (or desired profession) in your email address to help employers associate your name with a particular position. Use your best judgment when considering this option as “” may be an asset for one position but declaring a specific title may reduce your employment options.

-Avoid using any email address from a current place of employment. Unless, of course, you want everyone involved to know that you are looking for a new job and probably doing so on company time.

-Use your school email address with caution. It can be a good way to show you take your education seriously but life happens-you graduate, transfer, or take time off-and you need an email account that won’t expire. Many businesses keep your resume on file for at least 6 months and may wish to contact you during that period regarding a new posting. This is also true for email addresses from cell phone companies, internet providers, or other services where you may switch companies or cancel accounts.

-One exception to the above: Some institutions offer permanent or extended email accounts for graduates. If your alma materĀ  is a recognized leader in your field of study, or the hiring manager is a graduate of your college, it may be advantageous to use your .edu account.

-Do not use your professional account for anything other than potential employment. This will help keep your inbox safe and clutter-free.

-If necessary, forward the mail to a account you view regularly.