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Christmas Trivia Quiz

For those of you who need a break from studying, grading, or just surviving the end of the semester, your friendly library staff provides the following diversion…a Christmas Trivia Quiz.  Take a break, relax, and have fun!   (answers are at the bottom)

1.    Christmas presents weren’t always covered in gift wrap.  In the early 1900s, presents were typically wrapped in:
a.    Old clothes
b.   White tissue paper and red satin ribbon
c.    A mystery inside an enigma
d.    Butcher paper


2.    In 1952, the first television advertisement for a toy was shown.  That toy was:
a.    A stick
b.    The first Nintendo game, which used vacuum tubes and was the size of a small car
c.    Poodle Skirt Barbie
d.    Mr. Potato Head, for which parents had to provide children with a real potato


3.    The movie It’s a Wonderful Life actually received its own FBI file because:
a.    An analyst thought the film was an obvious attempt to discredit bankers
b.    J. Edgar Hoover was mad that he wasn’t cast as Mr. Potter
c.    Zuzu was thought to be an un-American name.
d.    The FBI didn’t want people to have a wonderful life


4.    What is frankincense?
a.    Hot dogs made in the Middle East
b.    Frankenstein’s sister
c.    A sweet-smelling gum resin
d.    Spices sewn together to look like a human


5.    Although “Jingle Bells” is one of the most popular Christmas songs, it was actually written for:
a.    Thanksgiving
b.    People who like to sing really loud
c.    An Arnold Schwarzenegger movie
d.    Black Friday


6.    Fruitcake is, for some reason, a popular gift and/or treat at Christmastime.  In ancient times, though, warriors and hunters carried it on long journeys:
a.    To ward off evil spirits
b.    As an extra weapon
c.    In case they couldn’t find wood to build a shelter
d.    Because of its consistency and longevity


7.    In 1847, the music for “O Holy Night” was written by French composer Adolphe-Charles Adam.  However, it was denounced at first by church authorities because:
a.    Of its “lack of musical taste and total absence of the spirit of religion”
b.    They feared the choir wouldn’t be able to sing it
c.    They felt that “O” was confusing
d.    They didn’t like people who had three first names


8.     “Good King Wenceslas” is a song that is often heard during the holiday season, but many people don’t realize that it was written about a real person.  Good King Wenceslas was:
a.    Overrated.  He was actually “Mediocre King Wenceslas.”
b.    The first king to have a Christmas tree in his palace
c.    Duke of Bohemia in the 10th century and a man of great faith who helped spread Christianity in Bohemia
d.    The original Santa Claus


9.    What is myrrh?
a.    The sound a mule makes when it is happy
b.    A sweet treat that was popular in the first century
c.    The short form of the name Myrrhtle
d.    An aromatic gum resin which is made into ointments or perfumes


10.     The Grinch suit that Jim Carrey wore in How the Grinch Stole Christmas was covered in hair from:
a.    Film director Ron Howard
b.    A yak
c.    Wigs
d.    A local barber shop


1.    b
2.    d (yes, d)
3.    a
4.    c
5.    a
6.    d
7.    a
8.    c
9.    d
10.    b



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