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Resource Evaluation: What’s Wrong with an Internet Resource in Less Than 3 Min.

Check out our latest post to our YouTube video channel! When evaluating resources, especially online, your main focus is the quality of the information and the validity of the research. However, there are a few other things you can easily examine that enable you to judge the usefulness of a resource. The appearance (What does it look like? Professional? Too many ads or graphics?) and authority (Who hosts the site? Who wrote the article? What qualifications do they have, if any?) of a given resource provide enough clues to help you decide to examine the content further or move on to another, more appropriate, source.

While “researching” a fictitious history paper we Googled “What caused the American Civil War?” and this page appeared in our top search results. Let’s examine its appearance and authority as we evaluate the quality of this resource in less than 3 minutes.



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