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Research Tips: Last Minute Deadlines Edition

3 scientists, one microscopeNeed a book to reference for a final paper or project but it’s checked out, the library is closed, or there is no time to order one through Interlibrary Loan? Don’t panic; there are a number of online options that may offer a solution:






  • NClive ebooks: In addition to a huge selection of articles and online databases NClive provides access to several expansive ebook collections that include many helpful nonfiction, textbooks, and reference books. You may also access NClive remotely from any off-campus computer (please contact a librarian for remote login information.)
  • Project Gutenberg: More than 42,000 public domain ebooks available online for most computer and ereader formats. Though it contains mostly fiction classics there are a number of historical and philosophical texts available.
  • Google Books: Caveat Indigator! or “Let the desperate researcher beware:)” Google provides many full-text books of all types that are in the public domain or for which they have obtained copyright permission. They also include incomplete “previews” of a number of texts that are still under copyright protection. While there is a good selection of such titles the information you may need might be missing or only partially available and information such as title, publisher, author, or chapter titles may be missing or incorrect. Google Books can be useful but it is a hit-or-miss option best saved for a last resort if you are out of time or cannot find the text anywhere else. Incomplete or missing book information makes searching the site an interesting experience but it is often easiest to plug your book title into a Google search and scan the first few pages for the Google Books listing.


We are the librarians at Haywood Community College in Clyde, NC. We offer great books, a variety of research & educational services, and a staff full of general awesomeness to the HCC and Haywood County communities.

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