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Acts of Poetry in the LRC: A New Display, in Verse

library_reading poetryAs part of our celebration of National Poetry Month we have a new display in the LRC featuring poets, poems, poetry anthologies, audio books of poetry, and criticism and analysis. We also offer the following in hopes that it will enhance your curiosity regarding our display and/or poetry in general and not send you running for the TV Guide.

Long before 50 Shades caused a publishing stir
And Twilight and Gossip Girl made parents’ groups GRRRRR!
The title of “Literature’s Controversial Worst”
Was held by the men and the women of verse

Whitman was banned for corrupting our youth
Ginsberg was deemed both obscene and uncouth,
Even childhood’s Shel Silverstein was brought to the fore
‘Cause of a few verses thought to be “anti-chore”

And back, way way back, before even those
Poets were tweaking authority’s nose
Ovid was exiled from the city of Rome
(It’s career suicide, critiquing the emperor’s home)

Chaucer’s ribald Tales mocked class and convention
And contained language and references that we can’t mention
Lord Byron was a walking reality show
Who ladies dubbed “mad, bad and dangerous to know”

You can find all the above (and quite a few more)
At the brand new display through the LRC doors
We’ve critiques and collections and bios to boot
And some audio books for the daily commute

So come celebrate poets and verses and rhymes
We hope you’ll pick out a book and set aside time
To read one or two poems (even more if you can)
From these poets, these teachers-the rebels, the banned.



We are the librarians at Haywood Community College in Clyde, NC. We offer great books, a variety of research & educational services, and a staff full of general awesomeness to the HCC and Haywood County communities.

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