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Weekend Reading: Jim the Boy (Tony Earley)

TonyEarley_JimTheBoy cover3 sentences or less about fascinating books that beg to be read in less than 3 days.*

Earley’s minimal style perfectly captures the experience of growing up in a small North Carolina town during the 1930s (though that’s no surprise as Earley grew up in NC and is a graduate of Warren Wilson College!) Readers will find many familiar elements in this coming of age tale–among them an absent parent, a first brush with death, a growing awareness of what it means to be a family, and a small town with a colorful yet sobering history–but each is presented in such a vivid manner that the audience feels as if they, too, are discovering these truths alongside the protagonist. The interesting combination of humor, history, and character make Jim the Boy a fascinating read in which teens and adults can find a number of passages to relate to and reflect on.

Want to find out more? Check out this New York Times interview with the author.

The LRC also recommends these great North Carolina authors:

  • Sarah Addison Allen (for fans of mystery, the supernatural, and strong family/female characters)
  • John Ehle (Asheville-raised author known for his historical and topical fiction set in Appalachia)
  • Clyde Edgerton (Darkly comic, but never disturbing, and reminiscent of some of Flannery O’Connor works)
  • Vicki Lane (Appalachian mysteries that draw many details and characters from her own experience living on a WNC homestead)

*Individual reading times may vary due to factors such as homework, the presence of children, or beautiful WNC weather. The LRC is not responsible for books not finished within the advertised 3 days. We do, however,  guarantee that our library staff finds each featured title compelling enough that it may cause readers to lose sleep or skip favorite TV shows in order to find out what happens next.



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