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Even More New(s)

Need to study for a test? Have a big research project this semester? Want to stat a business or streamline the one you have now? Looking for something fun to do or read in your spare time? The LRC has you covered! Check out these brand new books and find the resources you need for all your classes and interests.

Want to know about new titles recently added to our collection? We now have an app a webpage for that!

Computers and Technology:

  • How to Do Everything: iPad
  • How to Do Everything: iCloud
  • Managing & Troubleshooting PCs Exam 220-801
  • Managing & Troubleshooting PCs Exam 220-802
  • The Healthy PC
  • Wireless Network Security: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Web Developer’s Cookbook
  • Network Security
  • Web Application Security
  • iPhone Geekery
  • Confident Computing for the Over 50s

Standardized Test Prep:

  • Verbal Prep for the Accuplacer
  • SAT 2013 Study Guide
  • SAT 2400 in Just 7 Steps
  • The ACT Demystified
  • Conquering ACT Math and Verbal
  • ACT 2013 Study Guide
  • Princeton Review GED 2013
  • Word Savvy Vocabulary
  • SAT Chemistry
  • SAT Biology
  • SAT Math Level 2

Creative Arts:

  • Creative Stuff: An Activity Guide for Visual Thinkers
  • The Successful Artist’s Career Guide
  • AMC Guide to Digital Outdoor Photography
  • Metal Artist’s Workbench
  • Ultimate Craft Business Guide
  • Pinterest Quickguide
  • Start Sketching and Drawing Now
  • liveWire Jewelry
  • Journey to Abstraction
  • Box Builder’s Handbook
  • Journey to Abstraction
  • Art of Portrait Drawing
  • Faemaker: Making Fantasy Characters in Polymer Clay
  • Solder Techniques
  • Colored Pencil Explorations
  • Making Stained Glass Panels
  • Great Book of Woodworking Projects
  • Wire Bugs
  • Wire-Wrapped and Beaded Jewelry
  • 40 Great Stained Glass Projects
  • The Duct Tape Book

Construction/Home Building (and Related Topics) Certification and Licensing:

  • HVAC Licensing Study Guide
  • Plumber’s Licensing Study Guide
  • Electrician’s Exam Study Guide
  • National Electrical Safety Code Handbook 2012
  • Basic Electricity
  • Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances
  • Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers
  • The Construction MBA
  • How to Plan, Contract and Build Your Own Home
  • Complete Book of Home Inspection
  • Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration


  • Opposing Viewpoints Religion in America
  • Science vs. Religion
  • Bible: The Story of the King James Version
  • A Threat to Public Piety: Christian, Platonists and the Great Persecution
  • World Religions and Beliefs
  • Buddhist Philosophy
  • Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion
  • The Book of Common Prayer

Film Studies:

  • J. Edgar Hoover Goes to the Movies: The FBI and Origins of Hollywood’s Cold War
  • 100 Years of Japanese Film
  • Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho: A Casebook
  • How to Read a Film
  • Monsters in the Movies

Homesteading and the Outdoors:

  • Home Brewing
  • The Pickled Pantry
  • Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals
  • The Year-Round Vegetable Garden
  • Farm Anatomy
  • Beginner’s Guide to Hunting Deer for Food
  • Camp Cooking in the Wild
  • Little House in the Suburbs: Backyard Farming and Home Skills
  • Grillin’ Wild with Rick Browne
  • NOLS Cookery
  • The Complete Herbal

Business and Entrepreneurship:

  • The Logo Brainstorm Book
  • Online Marketing
  • Resolving Conflicts at Work
  • Beyond the Label
  • Every Leader is an Artist
  • Business Model Renewal
  • Entrepreneurial Nation
  • Leading Through Turbulence
  • Malign Hand of the Markets
  • Essentials of Financial Analysis
  • Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure
  • To the Cloud: Cloud Powering an Enterprise
  • Social Media Sales Revolution
  • The Social Customer
  • The Tasti D-Lite Way
  • The Lean Turnaround
  • Social Media for Social Good
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Social Innovation Imperative
  • Product Manager’s Handbook
  • Ownership Thinking
  • The Shopper Economy
  • The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership
  • Return on Influence
  • Running the Gauntlet
  • Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Diversity in Global Business
  • Rules of the Hunt
  • Design For Operational Excellence
  • Collaborative Organization
  • Digital Leader
  • Relentless Innovation
  • Strategic Database Marketing
  • Get Financing Now
  • The Economics Book
  • How the Hot Dog Found Its Bun
  • The Knockoff Economy
  • Manager’s Guide to Business Writing
  • How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • The Successful Marketing Plan
  • The Eureka Method: How to Think Like an Inventor


  • Nursing School Entrance Exams Guide
  • Perspectives on Diseases and Disorders Series: Sleep Disorders, Asperger Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Diseases and Disorders: Alzheimer’s, Colon Cancer, Learning Disabilities, Crohn’s Disease, Bipolar Disorder
  • Opposing Viewpoints: Healthcare, Medical Marijuana
  • Schaum’s Outlines: Maternal-Newborn Nursing
  • Loving Someone Who Has Dementia

Criminal Justice:

  • Combat Shooting
  • Ballistics
  • Cybercrime
  • The Homicide Detective
  • Criminal Profiling
  • Computing Hacking

Education and Child Care:

  • Praxis PPST Practice Tests
  • Praxis Elementary Education (Content Knowledge 0014/5014)
  • Praxis Elementary Education (Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment 0011)
  • Raise a Confident Child
  • Growing Happy Kids
  • The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution
  • Opposing Viewpoints: Vaccines
  • Raising Resilient Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Tag, Toss and Run: 40 Classic Lawn Games

History & Current Events:

  • Nearly 100 titles from the Opposing Viewpoints, Perspectives in Modern World History, Current Controversies, At*Issue, Global Viewpoints, Issues Than Concern You, and Writing the Critical Essay Series. Seriously, almost 100 new books covering everything from Darfur to immigration to cyberbullying to stem cells to the Vietnam War to…much, much, much more!
  • America’s First Great Depression
  • The People’s War: Original Voices of the American Revloution
  • My Name is old Glory: A Celebration of the Star-Spangled Banner
  • Under the Surface: Fracking, Fortunes and the Fate of the Marcellus Shale
  • US History Demystified
  • The Rule of Empires
  • Osama Bin Laden
  • Sudan, South Sudan and Darfur
  • Almost President: The Men Who lost the Race But Changed the Nation
  • The Catonsville 9: A Story of Faith and Resistance in the Vietnam War
  • The Weight of Vengeance: The United States, the British Empire, and the War of 1812
  • Unfair to Genius: The Strange and Litigious Career of Ira B. Arnstein
  • Two One pony: An American Soldier’s Year in Vietnam, 1969
  • A Very Short Introduction Series: American History, The US Supreme Court
  • The Laws of War and 21st Century Conflict
  • The North American Idea
  • Merriam Webster’s Geographical Dictionary

Language, Literature and Writing:

  • Oxford Book of American Short Stories
  • Oxford Book of Latin American Poetry
  • Tell It Slant: Creating, Refining and Publishing Creative Nonfiction
  • Aggressive Fictions: Reading the Contemporary American Novel
  • Word Savvy
  • The Writer’s Little Helper
  • Speaking American
  • English Grammar and Usage
  • The Devil’s Dictionary
  • Common American Phrases in Everyday Context
  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Thesaurus
  • Perfect Phrases for ESL Conversation Skills
  • Spanish Verb Review and Practice
  • A Study in Scarlet and Other Sherlock Holmes Adventures
  • Ulysses: The 1922 Text
  • Kakfa: The Hunger Artist and Other Stories

Audio Books (CD):

  • Not Taco Bell Material (Adam Corrolla autobiography)
  • wild (Cheryl Strayed)
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Young Adult:

  • The Marbury Lens
  • Passenger
  • The Interrogation of Gabriel James
  • Sapphique
  • Incarceron
  • After the Snow
  • Before You Go
  • speak
  • Of Poseidon
  • all these lives
  • Outpost
  • Enclave
  • Hold Me Closer, Necromancer


We are the librarians at Haywood Community College in Clyde, NC. We offer great books, a variety of research & educational services, and a staff full of general awesomeness to the HCC and Haywood County communities.

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