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Tech Tips: Quicker Computing with Hotkeys

keyboard, blueHotkeys (also referred to as keyboard shortcuts) are keys or combinations of keys that, once learned, perform tasks  much quicker than the traditional methods of mousing and clicking. The 2 lists below show some of the more useful basic shortcuts and many programs, like Microsoft Office Suite, will have software-specific hotkeys of their own and can be found with a quick Internet search. These keys are also often listed or underlined in program menus.

Basic Internet Functions:

CTRL+D: Add current page to your favorites list
CTRL+H: Open your browsing history
CTRL+E: Jump to your search utility (search box is usually located in the upper right-hand corner of your browser screen)

CTRL+N: Open a new window in your browser
CTRL+T: Open a new tab in your browser
CTRL+R: Refresh your current window

ALT+–>/<–: Moves your browser forward or backwards (similar to arrow buttons on browser navigation)
ALT+TAB: Toggle between open applications
Space Bar: Scroll down a web page one screen at a time

Basic Computing Functions:

Function (F1, F2, etc):

F1: Opens a help screen for most programs
F2: Renames selected file
F3: Opens the search feature for most programs
F4: Opens the find feature
F5: Refreshes screen for most Internet browsers
F6: Jumps the cursor from place to place in many Window applications
F8: Press during the boot process to start in safe mode
F11: Activates full-screen browsing mode

Function keys may have other program-specific uses and are often combined with other keys (SHIFT, ALT are the most common) for expanded functionality.

Windows Key:

Windows key: Opens Start menu
Windows+R: Opens run dialog box
Windows+M: Minimizes all

Control+ and Related Hotkeys:

CTRL+Z: Undo last command
CTRL+A: Select all items in the current tab/window
CTRL+C: Copy
CTRL+V: Paste
SHIFT+(click)+Close: Closes all open folders/parent folders



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