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An NC Cookout, LRC style

Need a recipe for an upcoming cookout? Don’t forget the LRC’s cooking section! In addition to numerous general cookbooks the TX section of our bookstacks holds works featuring traditional Appalachian and WNC dishes as well as some classic volumes from some of North Carolina’s most notable eateries.

Mama Dip’s Kitchen & Mama Dip’s Family Cookbook

“Well, I did have $64, so I thought it over and used that money to buy food for the first meal. I bought Pine Sol and wax to clean the old restaurant; bacon, eggs, grits, flour, bread, instant coffee, and Pet milk to cook breakfast; and Joy detergent to wash the dishes. After I made money from that first meal, I went right out and bought the ingredients for the second, and we served dinner that evening. We’ve been open ever since.”- Mildred Council on how she started her business, from Mama Dip’s Family Cookbook

Mama Dip, aka Mildred Council, is an NC cooking legend whose trademark Southern family fare has earned her several national TV appearances and a glowing review in the New York Times. Her two cookbooks feature her signature recipes, helpful tips for beginning cooks and a number of interesting family stories.

Seasoned in the South (Bill Smith)

A Chapel Hill landmark for more than 30 years, Crook’s Corner claims to be the “birthplace of shrimp and grits” and is notable for its use fresh seasonal ingredients. The restaurant’s cookbook, Seasoned in the South, contains great recipes presented in a straightforward manner that makes them easy to follow. Even better, these fantastic dishes do not require an entire pantry full of specialty ingredients!


The Outer Banks Cookbook (Elizabeth Wiegand)

Wiegand’s book offers a huge selection of seafood-centric recipes from North Carolina’s Barrier Islands. Each section highlights a particular type of seafood or specific course plus some handy tips for cooking, prep and storage. The sections on Outer Banks history and tradition alone make this book worth reading but we may be writing under the influence of the 3 (yes, 3!) different shrimp and grits recipes or the 15-page scallop section.

North Carolina Barbecue: Flavored by Time (Bob Garner)

A fascinating history of NC’s unique barbecue heritage that tackles the key issues of “Barbecue is noun, not a verb” and “Eastern vs. Western style.” Gardner’s comprehensive book also has a number of recipes, cooking tips, BBQ vocabulary terms, and profiles of some of NC’s most famous barbecue joints.



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