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Web Site(s) of the Week: Bullying

Continuing with our focus on bullying (see also the Monday Morsels item “History of a Bully” and the “No Sticks. No Stones. No Dissing.” display near the front of the library) I would like to direct your attention to three good web sites on the topic.  There are actually a number of useful/helpful/interesting sites that cover bullying, but I have chosen three that are among the best.

My personal favorite is the Bullying Information Center at (  There is a ton of information here.  Need to know how to spot bullies and victims?  You’ll find 7 separate articles on that very topic.  Do you worry about what to do if you suspect  your child is being bullied?  You’ll find four good articles of advice on how to handle various situations.  Want some research on cyberbullying?  This site has several links to thorough and informative articles that will fit the bill.  Much of the information on this site is research-based, peer-reviewed, and written by people with Ph.Ds in relevant fields, but there is also a lot practical advice aimed at the layman.

Another excellent site is ( managed by the Department of Health and Human Services in partnership with the Departments of Education and Justice.  The site is divided into sections for kids, teens, young adults (defined as over the age of 18), parents, educators and in the community.  Each section targets the specific issues faced by those in that particular group.  Two specific forms of bullying – cyberbullying and LGBT bullying – have sections of their own.

Last, but not least, I want to mention the Workplace Bullying Institute at  After all, bullying is not confined to school or to children, teens or young adults.  It occurs in the workplace too, unfortunately.  This web site addresses that situation by providing information and resources for both individuals and employers facing bullying in the workplace.

Something to think about while you’re driving to campus

Shouldn’t “overcome” and “undergo” be complete opposites of each other?



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