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Tech Tips: Compressing Files

File compression (creating zipped files/folders) allows you to take larger files or multiple files and transform them into a single, compressed file that is smaller and easier to transfer or upload. Whether your Moodle course requires you to submit assignments in compressed folders, or you are just looking for an easier way to email multiple pictures to your friends, here’s how:

  1. Locate the file(s) you wish to compress
  2. Right-click the files(s)
  3. Under “Send to” select and left-click “Compressed (zipped) folder”

A new, compressed folder will appear at the end of whatever location you happen to be in. If you already have a folder open, scroll to the end of that folder’s contents list, if you are on the desktop look for the folder at the end of your icons list, etc. Please note, however, that if your desktop has any gaps between icons and shortcuts the new folder will appear there. The new folder will keep the name of your original document but will appear as a “folder with zipper” icon and will now have the .zip extension.


-The process of zipping files does not erase them. Your originals should remain unchanged in their proper locations.
-Depending on what kind of software you have, your zipped folder icon may  look like a stack of belted books or a folder help by a vise clamp
-The recipient of the compressed files will need a file compression program to open them. The programs are quite common and are included in most (if not all) new computer packages and can be easily found on the web.



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