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Tech Tips: Staying Connected

It’s not unheard of for anyone with a wireless connection to occasionally get bumped from or or experience trouble connecting to the HCC-Campus or Guest networks. Both problems are usually the result of network difficulties, but if either becomes a regular occurrence you may need to examine your wireless network configuration. The following adjustments can make your HCC Wifi life a lot easier:


First make sure your WiFi switch is “on” and your wireless is configured for the HCC-Campus network. Though “HCC-Campus” may appear on your list of available networks you will not be able to access it until you manually add it to your list. Once you are configured you can set your system up so that the wireless network automatically recognizes your user credentials (authorization to use the network) and logs you in each time your computer Wifi is on and in range.

1. Open your wireless network manager by clicking Start Menu–> Control Panel–> Network and Sharing Center–> Manage wireless networks

2.Right click “HCC-Campus” and select “Properties”

3. Under the “Security” Tab select “Advanced Settings”

4. Click to check the box “Specify authentication mode”

5. Select from the drop-down menu “User Authentication” and then click “Save Credentials”

6. Enter the username and password for the HCC-Campus network (it is the same set of login credentials you would use for HCC library and campus computers)

7. Click “OK”

Staying Connected:

Your computer’s wireless adapter is what enables it to join a wireless network. Current Wifi-capable laptops will have a built-in adapter and an adjustment to your adapter settings can correct some connectivity issues. Access your adapter settings by following these steps:

1. Open your wireless network manager by clicking Start Menu–> Control Panel–> Network and Sharing Center–> Manage wireless networks

2. Click “Adapter properties”

3. Click “Configure”

You will now see your wireless adapter type and 5 tabs for its specific properties. Under the first tab, marked “General,” make certain that your adapter is working normally. If everything is functioning, continue to step 4.

4. Select the “Driver” tab. Your wireless adapter driver allows the network to interact with your computer and an out-of-date driver is frequently the cause of connection trouble.

5. Click “Update Driver” and “Search Automatically” for updated driver software. You can also view your driver’s properties and then check the wireless device’s manufacturer’s homepage. If your driver is out-of-date the page should provide a download for a more current version.

Once you have confirmed that your driver is current (or updated it) proceed to step 6.

6. Click the “Power Management” tab

7. Click to uncheck the box “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.” This will stop your computer from disabling the adapter and help prevent some interconnectivity issues that can cause you to be dropped from the network.

If wireless issues persist, or you have further questions about HCC wireless networks, visit the LRC Tech Support Help Desk webpage or call at 828.565.4018.



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