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Weekend Reading: Fallen Angels (Walter Dean Myers)

3 sentences or less about fascinating books that beg to be read in less than 3 days.*

Fallen Angels by Walter Dean MyersIn honor of Veteran’s Day, we bring you a review for a book about the Vietnam War.  This edition of Weekend Reading comes early so you can get your books in time for the weekend (since we’re closed on Friday for the Veteran’s Day holiday).

Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers is often categorized as a Young Adult book, but I think most adults will enjoy this novel…I certainly did.  It is the story of Richie Perry, a 17-year old who chooses to enlist in the Army right after high school.  He is immediately sent to Vietnam, and the story that follows, told in the first person by Richie himself, is so expertly written that you will feel like you were in the platoon with Richie and his buddies.

Check out the LRC Veteran’s Day display for more recommended titles:

The Things They Carried-O’Brien
Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman-Krakauer
The Secret War: The Inside Story of Code Makers and Code Breakers of World War II-Patterson
A Bridge Too Far-Ryan
D-Day: The Battle for Normandy-Beevor
Navajo Weapon: The Navajo Code Talkers-McClain
…and a hard rain fell: A GI’sTrue Story of the War in Vietnam-Ketwig
We Were Soldiers Once…And Young-Moore & Galloway
Heroes: U.S. Army Medal of Honor Recipients-Tillman
Duty, Honor, Country: A History of West Point-Ambrose
Army Officer’s Guide-Bonn
Absolutely American: Four Years at West Point-Lipsky

*Individual reading times may vary due to factors such as fatigue, the presence of children, or beautiful WNC weather. The LRC is not responsible for books not finished within the advertised 3 days. We do, however,  guarantee that our library staff finds each featured title compelling enough that it may cause readers to lose sleep or skip favorite TV shows in order to find out what happens next.



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